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Wayne Metro

Tax Preparation Program


Wayne Metro’s Free Tax Preparation Program provides free tax preparation services to residents of Wayne County and surrounding communities. These free tax preparation services are available year round at several locations with a wide range of convenient office hours.

Easy Steps to File Virtually

1. Schedule your over-the-phone Intake Appointment
2. Upload your documents virtually or schedule an in-person drop-off
3. Virtually: Participate in a call to Quality Review the completed tax return OR Drop-off: Visit a convenient location closest to you to complete the process
4. We Transmit the Return on your behalf!

For guided help in preparing your taxes virtually:

To prepare your tax return online on your own:


  • FREE tax preparation!
  • Wayne Metro tax preparers are certified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Go back and prepare un-filed taxes up to three years


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