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Property Tax Assistance

Wayne Metro offers multiple forms of Property Tax Assistance for Detroit homeowners and residents of Wayne County. Read below for more information on how to receive support!

For Detroit Residents

Detroit Tax Relief Fund

This program is for Detroit homeowners who LIVE IN and OWN their home and are struggling with property tax debt. The first step of this program is to apply and be approved for the City of Detroit HOPE property tax exemption for current year property taxes.

Begin an eligibility review for the Detroit Tax Relief Fund online or by phone!

(313) 244-0274

Frequently Asked Questions - Detroit

What is the Detroit Tax Relief Fund?
The Detroit Tax Relief Fund was created by the Gilbert Family Foundation and Rocket Community Fund to eliminate remaining delinquent property taxes for Detroit homeowners who have been approved for Homeowners Property Exemption (HOPE) program and the Pay As You Stay (PAYS) program.

Who is eligible?
If you are a Detroit homeowner struggling with your property taxes, you may be eligible. Please call 313-244-0274 to learn more.

How do I apply for HOPE and PAYS?
PAYS is available only to homeowners who have been granted an HOPE. To get help applying for the HOPE program call 313-244-0474 to be connected to organizations that can help you apply.

What are HOPE and PAYS?
The Homeowners Property Exemption (HOPE) program is a City of Detroit program that helps low-income homeowners eliminate or lower their CURRENT year property taxes. The Pay As You Stay (PAYS) program is administered by the Wayne County Treasurer’s office and reduces back taxes owed by homeowners who have been granted a HOPE. You must be granted a HOPE in order to be eligible for PAYS.

What if I have applied for the HOPE program but haven’t received an approval letter yet?
Interested residents should call 313-244-0274 to confirm eligibility.

What if I applied for the HPTAP in 2019 but not 2020?
Due to new state legislation, if you were approved for the HPTAP in 2019 or 2020, you do not have to reapply for 2021. Call 313-244-0274 to confirm eligibility.

What Comes Next?

A Wayne Metro representative or HOPE Counseling Network partner will reach out to help actively guide you through the full application process!

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All Other Areas in Wayne County

If you are a Wayne County resident who does not live within Detroit and are seeking Property Tax Assistance, please fill out Wayne Metro’s Universal Application to apply.

Apply for assistance today!

(313) 388-9799

Frequently Asked Questions - Wayne County

How can Wayne Metro help homeowners with property taxes?
Wayne Metro can help homeowners submit the Poverty Tax Exemption application for current year taxes. Depending on your household’s income, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance for your delinquent property taxes owed to the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office.

How can I get help with submitting the Poverty Tax Exemption application for current year taxes?
Click here
to schedule a phone appointment to get started.

Is there a maximum amount of assistance I can receive?
For PTE applicants, Wayne Metro can assist you annually with submitting your application. All financial assistance amounts are based on your income, household size, property tax situation, and where your home is located and what programs your local municipality participates in.

What kind of documents do I need to submit with my application?
A state issued ID or passport, deed, your most recent property tax bill, and any relevant income information. Additionally, if you have not filed your income taxes this year, we strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

If I already received financial assistance from Wayne Metro in the past, can I apply again?
Yes, your case will be reviewed to determine if you qualify for additional assistance or different programs offered by the Agency. You should also apply for the HPTAP annually.

What happens after I submit my information for review?
Your information will be reviewed then assigned to a counselor. The counselor will reach out to you to review the next steps. Every property tax situation is different, and cases may require more steps than others to resolve the situation and receive assistance. Your counselor will walk you through each necessary step, and your active participation will be required.

How long will it take for me to receive assistance?
We appreciate your patience, as we anticipate receiving a high volume of homeowners requesting assistance. Those facing property tax foreclosure this year will be prioritized. We have staff who will be working urgently to ensure you are contacted in a timely manner. Incorrect or incomplete information submitted will result in significant delays.

What Comes Next?

A Wayne Metro representative will reach out to help actively guide you through the full application process!

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