Wayne Metro Improves Client Experience with Universal Application

Wayne Metro

Wayne Metro Improves Client Experience with Universal Application

It’s official! Wayne Metro has launched their new Universal Application as of January 21, 2021. A bold frontier in the human services space, The Universal Application was created to streamline the application process for the services that Wayne Metro provides, as well as assist staff with processing client applications more efficiently.

In the past, people who needed help generally had to apply separately for many individual services and programs to receive the full wrap-around support they needed. This application set out to reduce the implicit burden Wayne Metro imposes on potential clients by making it easier to apply for services. Help with water and energy bills, food, plumbing, rent, mortgage, taxes, and more–all in one application!

The Universal Application was a concept that the organization had been working to develop previously. However, that development was expedited dramatically based on community need due to COVID-19 and the bolstering of Wayne Metro’s direct services through CARES federal funding. These factors led to the invention of a pilot version of the CARES Application in April 2020.

Wayne Metro’s Strategy & Innovation and Data teams, led by Shama Mounzer, Ossama Elayan, and Nadeem Siddiqi, headed the development of the Application form. They worked hand-in-hand with frontline staff, human services experts, and state officials to make sure compliances are met while pushing forward in the interest of clients. This dedicated and driven team worked around the clock, earning the nickname as the “Dream Team” as they often worked until 3 A.M., to make updates on the earlier versions of the Universal Application, which was launched in its first form in 2020.

Nadeem Siddiqi, Director of Data Strategy, adds that:

“The Universal Application promotes and streamlines the comprehensive wrap-around services that Wayne Metro has to offer. It enables staff to process multiple requests more efficiently, and also helps clients request numerous services easily in one form.”

Wayne Metro’s Universal Application can be found here:

For more info on all programs available at Wayne Metro, please visit:

For organizations and groups interested in learning more about the development of our Universal Application, please contact: [email protected]

Client Testimonial: Patrick’s WRAPfinity Story

Patrick Heit, Wayne Metro WRAPFinity Client & Detroit Resident
Wayne Metro WRAP

The Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) is a two-year program that provides funding to eligible, low-income homeowners to assist with water bills, water conservation, and self-sufficiency initiatives. We have had the pleasure of serving the people of our community through this program and we want to share their stories through our Client Testimonial series.

This testimonial comes from Patrick Heit, a Wayne Metro WRAPfinity Client. WRAPfinity is an extension of our WRAP program that allows eligible clients to continue with monthly credits after successfully completing years 1 and 2 of WRAP.

“I was receiving disability benefits, and I did not have enough money coming into my household to pay my bills, and everything fell behind. My water bill was close to $900 in arrears, and I knew at any time my water could be shut off. Eventually, my water was shut off due to non-payment. My wife, three children, and I were without water for three months, and we had to use a water hose that connected from our neighbor’s home to our home so that we would have running water. Every day was difficult, and there were evenings that our family was thankful just to have a roof over our heads.

It was a true blessing that I learned about the WRAP Program in 2015 when it first rolled out. I was excited to learn how this new program could help me, and as soon as open enrollment became available, I was informed that I was eligible for assistance. I was enrolled in WRAP’s very first 12-month program. It seemed like I could finally see light at the end of the tunnel because I was going to receive much-needed help. I was able to save $50 each month on my water bill.

After being enrolled in the Program for two full years, I contacted Wayne Metro and asked if there were any changes made to the enrollment requirements because I was hoping for an opportunity to re-enroll in WRAP. Less than three weeks, I was informed that due to recent changes within the Program, I was eligible for a third-year re-enrollment, and would be in the WRAPFinity Program.

In December 2020, I determined that I just could not provide the required lump sum payment, so the water bill would be paid and full. During Christmas, I received a letter and an email message from Wayne Metro stating that my $1,000 balance was paid by a donor. When I first read the letter, I sat at my dining room table and cried. I felt so thankful, because I didn’t owe anything, and my water would not be shut off. I was in such shock that I called Wayne Metro to confirm that the bill was really paid off.

In the beginning, it was very hard for me to ask someone to help me, my pride is very stubborn. My family has always worked, and we managed to figure out a way to do things. But when push comes to shove, and you have kids, and you’re on disability, and can’t handle your bills. You have no choice, but to allow someone to help you.

The Agency is a lifesaver, and Wayne Metro’s Basic Needs Manager, Staci White is consistent, and she listens to me even if I repeat myself. When someone mentions to me that they have fallen on hard times, I recommend Wayne Metro, you are my go-to Agency.”

Client Testimonial: Carolyn’s WRAP Story

Wayne Metro
Carolyn Larkins, Wayne Metro - WRAP Client & Detroit Resident
Wayne Metro WRAP

The Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) is a two-year program that provides funding to eligible, low-income homeowners to assist with water bills, water conservation, and self-sufficiency initiatives. We have had the pleasure of serving the people of our community through this program and we want to share their stories. The following testimonial is from WRAP Client and Detroit resident Carolyn Larkins.

“In 2012 I lost my job, and I needed immediate help to pay my rent. To make matters worse, I contacted a local non-profit agency and was told that they had no funding available. The same agency then referred me to Wayne Metro. From my initial appointment with Wayne Metro, I felt at ease and received assistance to pay my back rent within a short period of time. I contacted Wayne Metro for additional help in 2018 when I had a major sewer backup in the basement of my new home. I had just been released from the hospital after receiving cancer treatments, and to find standing water in my home was overwhelming.

After I notified the Agency and explained my problem, their staff jumped right in to help me resolve the issue. During the time my sewer was being repaired, new pipes and faucets were installed, and all of the water leakage problems were fixed. At the beginning of the 2021 New Year, Wayne Metro replaced my hot water tank, which was damaged due to all of the previous water issues. Wayne Metro has taken such a heavy load off of my shoulders. It is very difficult to deal with health challenges while trying to make repairs to your home.

I appreciate the Agency for taking care of the things that I simply could not handle, plus, I didn’t have the money to pay for the work that needed to be done. I no longer worry about what type of problem I will find once I go into the basement. I can now go into my bathroom and flush the toilet. Also, I can take a bath or shower with hot water. I love that I can wash my dishes without having to boil water.

You couldn’t imagine how much of a strain it can be trying to function without water. Before receiving help from Wayne Metro, I felt like a train was on my back, and now the train has moved onto another station. The Agency helped me to pay down my $3,000 water, and instead of my monthly bill being $140 and higher, it is now only $46 per month or lower, which is very affordable. I always sing Wayne Metro’s praises to every person that I come in contact with. Wayne Metro’s Basic Needs Manager, Staci White, and the workers that came to my home to make the repairs were always kind, respectful, professional, and treated me with dignity and respect.”