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Wayne Metro Improves Client Experience with Universal Application

It’s official! Wayne Metro has launched their new Universal Application as of January 21, 2021. A bold frontier in the human services space, The Universal Application was created to streamline the application process for the services that Wayne Metro provides, as well as assist staff with processing client applications more efficiently.

In the past, people who needed help generally had to apply separately for many individual services and programs to receive the full wrap-around support they needed. This application set out to reduce the implicit burden Wayne Metro imposes on potential clients by making it easier to apply for services. Help with water and energy bills, food, plumbing, rent, mortgage, taxes, and more–all in one application!

The Universal Application was a concept that the organization had been working to develop previously. However, that development was expedited dramatically based on community need due to COVID-19 and the bolstering of Wayne Metro’s direct services through CARES federal funding. These factors led to the invention of a pilot version of the CARES Application in April 2020.

Wayne Metro’s Strategy & Innovation and Data teams, led by Shama Mounzer, Ossama Elayan, and Nadeem Siddiqi, headed the development of the Application form. They worked hand-in-hand with frontline staff, human services experts, and state officials to make sure compliances are met while pushing forward in the interest of clients. This dedicated and driven team worked around the clock, earning the nickname as the “Dream Team” as they often worked until 3 A.M., to make updates on the earlier versions of the Universal Application, which was launched in its first form in 2020.

Nadeem Siddiqi, Director of Data Strategy, adds that:

“The Universal Application promotes and streamlines the comprehensive wrap-around services that Wayne Metro has to offer. It enables staff to process multiple requests more efficiently, and also helps clients request numerous services easily in one form.”

Wayne Metro’s Universal Application can be found here:

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For organizations and groups interested in learning more about the development of our Universal Application, please contact: info@waynemetro.org

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