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The COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) program is designed to keep Michigan residents who fell behind on their rent and/or utilities during COVID-19 in their homes.

Below is the testimonial from one of Wayne Metro’s CERA clients, Ms. Nuballa Hollings.

“I heard of the CERA program through a friend who is a leasing agent. She told me about CERA because I was sick and wasn’t working due to COVID-19. I was diagnosed with COVID twice. I had pneumonia the second time and ended up losing a grandparent within that time frame.

I think CERA is a beautiful thing. Last year — really the last two years — were very difficult for me. I went from thinking I had the winter flu to having COVID and losing a family member. I’m a person that’s been through a lot, in addition to having to take care of younger siblings.

We had recently moved into the house we’re in now around February 2020. There was a lot of stress on me between my landlord and my illness. Brenda from Wayne Metro eased a lot of that stress. She was very nice and reached out to me via emails and over the phone, trying to make sure I had all of the correct information.

I was sad when I got sick again and I couldn’t work. People were telling me when the pandemic first happened that bills were being forgiven or there was leniency on being able to pay bills. That wasn’t the case. There would be people stressing you out and sending you eviction letters or even shut-off notices.

Things were hard because of my illness. There would be organizations saying they can help me and people would end up being rude to you or not helping you. I feel like with the CERA program, Wayne Metro would follow up and actually help you. Everyone that I’ve talked with at Wayne Metro was polite and caring. The experience was comforting and made me feel less stressed.

I feel like CERA is a blessing because I’ve been given the ringer for a couple of different programs and it was nice to work with an organization that wants to help you. That’s what makes Wayne Metro a step above the rest.”

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