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Arleen's Detroit Tax Relief Fund (DTRF) Experience

The Detroit Tax Relief Fund was created by the Gilbert Family Foundation and Rocket Community Fund to eliminate remaining delinquent property taxes for Detroit homeowners who have been approved for Homeowners Property Tax Exemption Program (HPTAP) and the Pay As You Stay (PAYS) program.

One day after leaving her client’s home, Arleen Collins was struck by an SUV while attempting to cross the street. Ms. Collins sustained several injuries and underwent five surgeries as a result of the accident. Due to her injuries and various surgeries, Ms. Collins was unable to work. She spent two years with no income, lack of food, and proper shelter. Ms. Collins sought legal representation for the accident, however, the settlement she received did not supplement the lasting negative impact on her financial stability. 

The small settlement she received allowed her to purchase the home she lives in today. Injured, with no income and limited resources, Ms. Collins was unable to make the necessary repairs that the home required. In addition, she fell behind on utility bills and was at risk of foreclosure due to her inability to afford the property taxes. Collins applied for the HPTAP property tax exemption and was referred to the Detroit Tax Relief Fund for assistance. The Detroit Tax Relief Fund was able to eliminate her delinquent property tax debt allowing Ms. Collins to stay in her home.

Though Ms. Collins is facing another surgery and is still unable to work, she has remained positive, kind, and faithful. Her experience inspired her to go back to school for ministry. She will graduate this July 2021. Ms. Collins is grateful for the assistance she has received and wants to share her story to inspire others:

“The service that Wayne Metro provided was very life-changing for me due to having no income in 2017 and holding onto faith that God would provide. I survived getting hit by an SUV and multiple surgeries. I’m grateful to God and the people he used, such as Wayne Metro. I know it is hard for you to be without a home, food, or a job. However, you must stay strong and know that there are wonderful people out here willing to help you. For two years I was living in a place with no income and now I can say that I live in a home, debt-free thanks to Wayne Metro.”

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