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Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency Call for Community-Based Immunization Partners


Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency seeks to partner with local, community-based providers to administer essential immunization services, including COVID-19 vaccinations and flu shots, to our clients, staff, and other community-based organizations. Through grants funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Departments of Health & Human Services, Wayne Metro promotes and provides access to community healthcare and preventative services to decrease the spread of disease and protect our community from sickness and death. We seek further to integrate the provision of immunizations into our mission and to continue our commitment to health equity with area physicians, nurses, urgent care providers, health clinics, and pharmacists to provide the following:

On-site immunization for Wayne Metro Staff at various sites:
Homeless Population Vaccinations at Area Shelters
Vaccine Outreach and Education to reach underserved, uninsured, and minority populations
Free healthcare screenings for Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Medication Review, Medication Therapy Management

Interested parties should send a one-page proposal on company letterhead to contracts@waynemetro.org.
Each proposal will be reviewed, and a determination response will be sent within one week of submission. Black/brown, indigenous people of color who are locally based are highly encouraged to apply.  Owners/principles with diverse lived experiences, cultural competency, and ability to speak and understand multiple languages will also be prioritized. Please note that only local providers need to apply. Preference will be given to Wayne County and City of Detroit-based organizations.

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