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Wayne Metro Celebrates Diversity Month

It’s 2023 and you show up to your first day of work. You’re nervous. Will you fit in? Will they respect and accept you? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. At Wayne Metro we are focused on making our environment welcoming and respectful. We proudly operate with a workforce of 81% women, 13% male, and 6% who identify as other. Majority of our employees are Black/African American (45%), while the remainder are White, Hispanic or Latino, Asian, American Indian, or unknown. 

April is Diversity Month, giving the opportunity to showcase and celebrate unique cultures, backgrounds, and traditions while also paying respect to them. Originating in 2004, Diversity Month was established to recognize, understand, and honor the unique world around us; to recognize people from all genders, race, faith, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. If you’re wondering what you can do to celebrate the people around you, here are some ideas. 

Ways to celebrate Diversity Month: 

    • Learn the history and culture of the people around you
    • Try a new food from a different culture that you usually wouldn’t try
    • Go to a Multicultural Film Festival
    • Listen to music from all around the world
    • Hear from those around you who may come from different walks of life
    • Visit a Cultural Art Exhibit

Learning about other cultures and the history behind them is one of the best ways you can celebrate. Acknowledging the differences between us all and recognizing what we individually bring to the table can empower positive change and unity within communities and beyond. Diversity month is not only about others but understanding and celebrating your own uniqueness.  

At Wayne Metro we embrace Diversity month by expressing the importance of celebrating the diversity of those around us and in our workplace. We understand that people from all walks of life and backgrounds deserve acceptance and celebration. Remember: Celebrating diversity doesn’t end in April. Let’s continue to respect the differences of others and continue learning. 



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