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In late March, Wayne Metro is hosting #OperationLeaseUp, an unprecedented coordinated community event helping 30+ clients move from shelter to housing in just two days!

This work takes a village. While Wayne Metro’s federal funding allows us to provide temporary shelter and rental assistance as families relocate to permanent homes, it DOES NOT cover basic necessities such as hygiene kits, clothing, bedding, household staples such as pots, pans, dishes, silverware, and other items that help families stabilize in their new homes. The Supportive Housing and Homeless Services team at Wayne Metro is looking to help our homeless clients achieve success in their transition to housing.

Your donation will fill these critical funding gaps that federal dollars won’t cover regardless of client eligibility. Every dollar is critical towards improving the lives of our homeless clients and making their new house feel like a HOME.

Your donation of $100 can provide bedroom items (i.e. comforter, pillows, air mattress) for a homeless family.
Your donation of $50 can provide kitchen items (i.e. pots, pans, dinnerware, small appliances) for a homeless family.
Your donation of $25 can provide bathroom supplies (i.e. tissue, paper towel, cleaning supplies, shower curtain) for a homeless family.

You can also visit our Amazon Wish List to learn more about the specific needs of the clients we serve and purchase items directly aimed to assist them during these difficult times. Thank you!

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