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The Emergency Plumbing Assistance Program is a program that is dedicated to making sure every eligible home will have access to hot and cold water, and at least one functioning toilet, bathroom faucet, shower/bath, kitchen faucet and laundry tub. It is also the program’s goal that the house has functioning wastewater drainage for water access to be sustainable in the home. The following testimonial is from Michelle AliDinar, an Emergency Plumbing Assistance client.

“I am truly grateful to have been recently blessed by Wayne Metropolitan Community’s Emergency Plumbing Assistance Program and I want to share my experience in hopes that many other homeowners who have plumbing emergencies may also be blessed.

I am elated to say that Wayne Metro partially repaired a second-floor bathroom that was not functioning at all for a very long time. Water was leaking through the walls and into the basement, so all water in that bathroom had to be shut-off.

Many plumbers came to evaluate and estimate the work and cost. I soon discovered that rusted and broken stack pipes were throughout my house, and the cost was far beyond my ability to repair. My family has helped but they are also limited.

The next problem was trying to find a plumber that was reliable and reputable. I was amazed how many plumbers were unwilling to provide me with their license, insurance, or a contract that would state a start date and a completion date and spell out details. Most insisted on a 50 – 70% down payment without a contract, which is absurd. With the awesome assistance of Wayne Metro’s program, not only are you spared the debilitating cost of major plumbing problems, but all the plumbers and contractors recruited are thoroughly screened and selected.”

We’d like to give special thanks to Ghadear Eid for the assistance in making this story possible!

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