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DTE Foundation Supports Financial Capability with $25,000 Donation



Wayne Metro is proud to recognize and thank the DTE Foundation for supporting our ongoing initiative to integrate financial capability services into the many other programs and services we provide to our clients.

By gifting Wayne Metro $25,000, the DTE Foundation made it possible for several front-line staff to attend financial coaching courses presented by trainers from the Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The training, held in October 2016, provided a thorough understanding of key financial topics such as financial evaluations, budgeting, saving, and banking options and services. Agency staff learned much more than the technical aspects of financial capability; they learned valuable skills that will help them enlighten their clients and change client attitudes about the need to save as much as possible, to set long-term financial goals, and to make sound spending decisions while taking the fullest advantage of banking services and saving incentives.

Financial capability integration works because each client is directly engaged in their financial coaching; from assisting their coach in making a detailed evaluation of their own current financial situation to identifying immediate financial needs and setting long-term savings goals. By making financial capability an inclusive process, each client comes to appreciate how even small sums of money saved and added to through regular bank deposits, over time can empower an individual or an entire family to rise up and become truly self-sufficient and wholly independent.


DTE Foundation supports Financial Capability Programs!


Thank you DTE Foundation!

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