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David Bailey Learned Basic Computer Skills through our Digital Literacy Program

David Bailey

The word literacy has long been associated with having the ability to read. However, today, in our high-tech world, when some people hear the word literacy they immediately relate it to knowing how to operate a computer. The majority of people today cannot imagine life without the ability to use a computer. Yet, there are unknown numbers of people who do not have the most basic computer skills; literally not knowing how to turn a computer on.

Wayne Metro would like to introduce you to David Bailey. David worked for 35 years as a truck driver for Coca-Cola, and previously worked for the City of Detroit, Cobo Hall, and various concessions throughout Detroit. For David, the thought of using a computer was daunting and intimidating. Whenever the issue of using a computer arose in his life, he counted on family and friends to handle his computer needs. However, David came to realize that computer literacy is now an essential part of everyday life. His wife enrolled him in Wayne Metro’s Digital Literacy program in December 2014. David recalls, “2015 is a year that changed my life. Digital Literacy propelled my life into a new chapter.” Digital Literacy Manager, Damien Benson remembers, “David was afraid to even turn the computer on. His hands shook when he held the mouse. He was actually afraid of breaking the computer.”

But David stuck with the program; signing up for new classes and staying after class to make sure he grasped the concepts and applications. He went on to become very skilled and confident with a computer. He succeeded at reaching his goal and exceeded his own expectations.

David humbly attributes his success to Damien Benson and remarks, “Damien believed in me. Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you.” Today, David is always excited to share his excellent computer skills with the family and friends who once did his computer work for him. He is now proficient in the use of Word and Excel, enjoys creating documents, and is learning the amazing printing options computers and printers are capable of performing. He also has established his own e-mail account and uses a smartphone.

David’s success is proof that it is never too late to learn and expand our abilities and skills. With great excitement he says, “I’ll be shopping for a laptop soon! I am empowered to achieve things I didn’t think I could achieve because of the tools Way

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